Food Service at Gutshof zum Schluxen



Our holiday homes and apartments are for self catering. Please note we do not run a restaurant in our house. But you have always the possibility to order fresh bread and buns, a small breakfast bag or the bigger "Tyrolian Alps Breakfast".


Breakfast bag (for one person)

  • Instant coffee or tea
  • 2x buns   (1 wheat bun, 1 multigrain bun)
  • 1x jam
  • 1x chocolate cream
  • 2x butter/margarine

price 5€per person


Tyrolian alps breakfast  (for 2 persons, only on advanced order)

We buy everything you need for a good  breakfast and put it to your fridge before your arrival

  • ground coffee 250 gram
  • 1 pack of herbal tea
  • sugar, salt and pepper
  • 1 glas of jam
  • 1glas of honey  Honig
  • mixed Tyrolian cheese  (150g)
  • mixed sausage from the butcher (150g)
  • 4 fresh eggs from the farmer near us
  • 1 liter fresh Tyrolian milk
  • 2x Tyrolian fruit yogurt
  • 2 apples
  • 1litre orange juice

price 30€ for 2 persons

If you like you can also use our bun service. The prices are as follows: 

Wheat bun           0,70€

Multigrain bun   0,90€

Bread                   3,90€